Comprehensive business management and customer care solutions

With Zaki, your business will have a powerful tool, good support in reaching and communicating with customers in a professional and effective way through the Zalo OA Information Page. Zaki has a friendly, easy-to-understand interface that allows completely non-technological professionals to easily use it.

Zaki’s Partners

Why should you choose Zaki?

Most valuable community management tool for your business

Users do not have much knowledge about technology

Even people who do not understand anything about technology can easily use it because of the friendly interface and specific instructions

Users who are using Zalo OA

Zaki makes the Zalo OA management experience more user-friendly, easily optimizing marketing campaigns as well as taking care of the customer information you have. Expand potential customer groups, booking and many exciting new features at extremely competitive prices

OverSea companies want to expand the market in Vietnam

Zaki is a comprehensive customer care & business management platform. You can introduce your products to millions of Vietnamese users through Zalo OA without opening a representative office or sending someone to work

Online marketing service companies

With Zaki, you have a great advertising platform with smart features and a reasonable price when compared to Zalo OA management services. Try it now